Halloween Decor

Happy October where the whole month is filled with fun fall activities. Trips to the apple orchard, sipping cider and pumpkin picking. I love making my own decorations for the house to make it feel festive all month long.

Check out the door decor I made on this Crafty Sunday.


What you'll need:

1. Thin wooden cut out with string attached (Michaels arts and crafts)

2. Thin wooden word of your choice cut-out (also at Michaels)

3. Black Spray Paint

4. Green Spray Paint

5. Glitter (your choice- I used old confetti and glitter i had around the house. Michaels and target have some great options.)

6. Mod Podge

7. Hot glue gun and glue


Spray Paint the Wooden Cut out Black. Spray the Wording the same. Once they both dry cover the back piece with mod podge. Quickly sprinkle glitter as desired. Wait till the glue turns clear and apply hot glue with glue gun to word cut-out . Attached the cut-out-- ready to hang!

 Painted Pumpkins


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