Q: How should I take care of my Kefi Jewelry? 

A: Kefi jewelry is made with real metals and natural stones. They will live a happier life if stored in their Kefi jewelry pouch. Some items can be delicate by design so please handle with care. Show them love and they will love you back. 


Q: How long does processing take? 

A: Processing is usually around 3 business days with the exception of Holidays.


Q: Can I order sold out items? 

A: If you see something sold out on our website it is likely that the item will be back in stock within 2-3 weeks. For specific details on certain items please email kefidesigns@gmail.com


Q: How do I make a return?

A: Items can be returned within one month after purchase for full reimbursement. Please email kefidesigns.com for details. All custom artwork is final sale. 


Q: How do I make an exchange? 

A: Exchanges can be made please just email kefidesigns.com for details. All custom artwork is final sale.


Q: Do you offer wholesale?

A: We do not offer wholesale at this time, yet we do offer discounts to specific stores or companies with orders over $400. For more information, please email us at kefidesigns.com


Q: Do you do collaborations? 

A: Yes! We love working with location and international companies that fit our aesthetics and beliefs. Think you have something we would be interested in? Email us at kefidesigns.com 


Q: How do I order custom artwork? 

A: For all inquiries on custom work please email kefidesigns@gmail.com


Q: What other people/companies do you have collaborations with?