About Kefi Designs

KEFI Designs LLC is an accumulation of Art, Design, Fashion, Travel, Culture, Life and everything in between.

Kefi (keh-fee) is a Greek word that embodies everything I love about life. It is hard to be expressed into one word, but is the secret of life. The Greeks describe it as “the spirit of joy, passion, enthusiasm, high spirits in which good times and a passion for life is expressed with an abundance of excitement, happiness, and fun.”

Many of the Kefi pieces are unique and one-of-a-kind so stones and beads may slightly vary. Kefi also sells products that were hand-picked from around the world.

The company was started by Creative Director Alexandra Lasky, who's passion for travel, art and design pushed her to build a company that would inspire not only herself but her customers. Click to view Resume.

xo, Enjoy!