Summer Time

Summers finally here and we have some fun summer ideas/DIY projects that will spruce up any Summer Soiree.

White Sparkling Sangria. 

1 Full bottle of dry white wine- just get an inexpensive bottle at Wholefoods (the ones they have for 4.99 because its going to be mixed into the sangria there is no sense in using a good wine!) 

1 Full Bottle of sparkling white or champagne 

1 splash of guava nectar- don't over due it here... just a bit

4 Full strawberries

One full peach or nectarine 

Handfull of blueberries

MINT- adds a beautiful freshness!

optional- nice wide slices of grapefruit (so they are still circles) they look nice in a clear jar. 

Fun striped straws are a great detailed touch and really remind everyone it's summer time! 

Rim the glass with a cute sliced strawberry for an extra touch! 


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